What Does the Groom’s Parents Pay For?

Just found out you’re engaged? And have a few questions as you plan your wedding? How to divide costs and how much the Groom’s parents will pay are two of the most pressing issues you may have to deal with when organizing your wedding. 

what does the groom's parents pay for

You’re not alone if you’re concerned about wedding costs!

When it comes to wedding preparations, the parents of the Groom are expected to contribute to eight of the most critical aspects. They have a long list of things to accomplish. It used to be that the role of the bridegroom’s parents was restricted to hosting the rehearsal dinner and leading him down the aisle, but that is no longer the case.

In a recent poll by wedding enthusiasts, the Groom’s parents cover up to 24% of the wedding costs. The Groom’s parents have several obligations during the wedding planning process. Here’s what does the groom’s parents pay for.

1. The Rings 

In most cases, the Groom has already bought the bride-to-be an engagement ring, but it is not uncommon for the bride’s parents to pick up the tab for both the engagement and wedding rings. The Groom’s parents sometimes foot the bill for the ring or rings to ease the financial strain on the newlyweds.

2. Rehearsal

The parents of the Groom put money into planning, hosting, and paying for the rehearsal dinner because they are so excited about their son’s impending nuptials. Preparations for the rehearsal dinner involve deciding on a location, making a guest list, deciding on a meal, and sending invitations to everyone attending. For this reason, it is anticipated that individuals giving speeches stay in touch with the parents of the Bride and Groom, the hosts.

3. Honeymoon

For a long time, the Groom’s parents have been expected to cover the wedding and honeymoon costs. Every wedding’s objectives and financial obligations require a unique strategy. Additionally, several conventional wedding rules are gradually being phased out at this age.

As a result, the cost of the wedding is split between the parents of the bride and the parents of the Groom, depending on the circumstances. Similarly, in response to the couple’s evolving requirements, the Groom’s parents have agreed to foot the bill for the honeymoon, which the pair is free to plan and organize.

4. Bride’s Flowers

There are no hard and fast regulations regarding paying for wedding expenses these days. However, the bride’s parents are still expected to cover the cost of the flowers. The parents pay for the fathers’ and grandfathers’ boutonnieres, mothers’ and grandmothers’ corsages, and groomsmen’s boutonnieres.

As a result, the Groom’s parents would be expected to provide the floral arrangement for the rehearsal dinner, as they must organize the event.

5. Lodging and Transportation Costs

Providing lodging and paying for transportation for members of the Groom’s family traveling in from distant cities is an essential duty for the Bride and Groom’s parents to fulfil. They also take care of transportation charges for the Groom and his best man, whether a car, SUV, or limo, to and from the reception and ceremony.

6. Purchase CDs & DVDs

When it comes to wedding preparations, the parents of the Groom are expected to order albums and compile a list of friends and family members the couple would like to include in their big day photos. After the wedding, they also decide who should be included in large family portraits and ensure that they are included in the must-take photo list handed to the photographer days later.

They must also ensure that all photo preparations are arranged in advance to avoid a last-minute scramble that could derail the wedding. Couples should be informed of their parent’s plan for putting together photo albums and DVDs so that the costs can be included in other expenses.

7. Make a list of Attendees

Aside from friends and family members, the bride and groom’s parents are also required to help organize the guest list. This position is critical if the parents are footing the bill or lending a hand.

Traditionally, only a small number of guests are allowed to attend, all of whom must be pre-approved by the bride and husband. When it comes to mailing addresses, the parents should also create a list of the guests’ addresses and provide it to the couple. A part of their job includes following up with guests who do not appear to have RSVP’d.

8 Take Care of Any Other Costs That May Arise

The parents of the Groom play an essential part in covering any additional wedding costs. For example, they help with the engagement party, marriage license, the bride’s bouquet, rehearsal dinner and honeymoon, corsages, and Groom’s accouterments.

It is customary for the groomsmen to wear their best suits and ties to the wedding. However, times are a-changin’, and there are new ways to approach the wedding budget. Because of this, the bride’s parents may decide to assist in paying for the wedding, or the couple themselves may choose to cover all of the costs.

How to Get Your Parents or In-Laws to Contribute to the Cost of Your Wedding

1.  Don’t hold back.

Be honest and open with your parents and in-laws when asking them to contribute financially to your wedding, even if it’s uncomfortable. Prepare a (realistic) request of ways in which they can participate and be open to dialogue before the meeting. There is less room for misinterpretation if you are honest.

2.  Be courteous and respectful.

To get the most out of your family’s contributions, don’t go into the discussion with expectations of a specific amount. You may discover that your family cannot contribute to your wedding financially, but they may still be willing to lend a hand. In addition to donating money, families can help by sending out invites, requesting vendor bids, or putting together wedding favors.

3.  As a final piece of advice, ensure your parents or potential in-laws are involved in the process.

If you’re giving money to a wedding service, you can express your opinion. This rule hasn’t changed in nearly a century. In other words, if your parents are helping to foot the bill for your weddings, show them some respect by listening to their advice. You and your family can have a lovely and unforgettable wedding provided everyone is prepared to compromise.


What expenses are traditionally covered by the groom’s parents?

The groom’s parents traditionally cover costs like the rehearsal dinner, the groom’s wedding rings, certain aspects of the honeymoon, and lodging and transportation for close family members. Their role has expanded from just handling the rehearsal dinner to a more significant financial contribution.

Are the groom’s parents responsible for the honeymoon costs?

Traditionally, the groom’s parents have been expected to contribute to the honeymoon costs, although this can vary based on individual circumstances and family preferences. Nowadays, the cost is often split or adjusted according to the couple’s needs and family agreements.

Do the groom’s parents pay for the wedding rings?

While the groom typically purchases the engagement ring, the groom’s parents may contribute to the cost of the wedding rings. This practice varies among families and is often decided based on financial considerations and personal preferences.

How involved are the groom’s parents in planning and paying for the rehearsal dinner?

The groom’s parents are usually responsible for planning, hosting, and covering the rehearsal dinner costs. This includes selecting the venue, preparing the guest list, and arranging the menu.

What other costs might the groom’s parents cover?

Apart from the aforementioned expenses, the groom’s parents might also pay for floral arrangements for the rehearsal dinner, photo albums and DVDs, and assist with the guest list. They may also handle unexpected expenses and contribute to other wedding-related costs as needed.


In summary, the groom’s parents play a key role in funding various aspects of a wedding, a task that can be complex.

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