What Are the Cheapest Months to Get Married?

What Are the Cheapest Months to Get Married?

Budgeting can add stress to the enjoyable process of wedding planning. You may work with a tight budget or prefer not to invest heavily in a single setting. There are always ways to get around the prohibitive cost of a venue.

The term “wedding season” is commonly used to describe the period between late spring and early fall, when the weather is typically favorable for outdoor ceremonies. All things, like any other type of season, are more expensive when they are at their peak of popularity and less costly when they are out of season.

The Cheapest Months for Your Big Day

It is common knowledge that a wedding can be planned at the lowest possible cost in January. The months of January, February, March, April, November, and December are considered to be the off-season for weddings. Except for the holiday weekends in February and December, these are the most cost-effective months for getting married because venues offer off-season discounts.

Low bookings make venues and vendors cheaper during these months. Experts say only 5% of weddings are held in winter. Venues usually charge more if you’re getting married on Valentine’s Day or New Year’s Eve. (https://studio928.net/) New Year’s Eve and Valentine’s Day romance makes many couples want to kiss at midnight or exchange vows.

Having your wedding on a weekday or Sunday may help you negotiate a lower price with some venues. Since Saturdays are the most popular day for a wedding, businesses that cater to this industry often offer discounts on other days.

Do Other Wedding Services Offer Discounts during the Off-Season?

The wedding venue itself may be more affordable outside of peak season.

Photography packages may be cheaper at other times. Because their business is seasonal, off-season photographers are more available to negotiate lower package rates. If you want an in-demand photographer, winter may be easier to book and more affordable.

The photographer’s off-season plans decide. If they usually take newborn, family, Christmas, or other winter packages, their schedule may not be more open in the winter. They have no reason to lower their price.

Weddings, holidays, and corporate events keep caterers busy all year long, making it difficult to negotiate a lower price at any time of year. Furthermore, the price of food does not change with the seasons. Therefore, they cannot lower the fixed costs associated with providing their services.

Florists are not exempt from this rule either. Many other significant celebrations occur in the quieter months. Examples include holidays like Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and birthdays.

Is There a Time of Day When Weddings Cost Less?

Daytime weddings are more expensive. Daytime and teatime weddings can be cheaper at some venues. Some venues have one wedding per day. Those locations may not offer package discounts. Food and drink will cost less.

Brunch and lunch are cheaper. Waffles or omelets cost half as much as prime rib. Guests will also drink less. A wedding brunch with a mimosa bar or champagne toast could be just as perfect!


In conclusion, navigating the challenges of budget-friendly wedding planning is made easier by identifying the most cost-effective months to tie the knot. Opting for off-season periods, such as January, February, March, April, November, and December (excluding major holidays), can lead to significant savings on venues and some services, thanks to reduced demand.

While it’s true that aspects like catering and floristry may not offer substantial discounts due to consistent year-round demand, considering alternative days like weekdays or Sundays, or planning for daytime ceremonies, can further reduce costs.

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What are the cheapest months to get married?

The cheapest months to get married are typically January, February, and March. During these months, demand for wedding venues and vendors is usually lower, allowing couples to negotiate better rates.

Why are winter months cheaper for weddings?

Winter months are cheaper for weddings due to the lower demand. Many people prefer spring or summer for their wedding, leading to less competition and more availability in the colder months, which can drive prices down.

Can you save money by having a wedding in the early spring?

Yes, you can save money by having a wedding in early spring, particularly in April or early May, before the peak wedding season starts. This period still sees lower demand compared to late spring and summer, making it possible to secure lower prices.

Is there a cost difference in getting married during the week?

Getting married during the week can significantly reduce your wedding costs. Venues and vendors often offer lower rates for weekday weddings due to lower demand compared to weekends.

Are there any benefits to having a wedding in the off-peak season besides cost?

Besides cost savings, having a wedding in the off-peak season offers benefits such as more venue and vendor options, potentially better service due to lower demand, and the unique charm of a winter or early spring wedding, which can be both stylish and memorable.