Top Tips For Feeling Sick on Your Wedding Day

It’s a real thing that people have wedding nightmares! 

bride and groom feeling sick on a wedding day

As a result, many brides-to-be worry about being sick on their wedding day. If this nightmare becomes a reality, how would you feel about it?

If you’ve ever had a reoccurring nightmare about being unable to attend your wedding because you’re sick, you’re not alone! That’s why having a plan ahead of time is so important. We have some tips if you are feeling sick on your wedding day.

Getting Ill on Your Wedding Day? Here’s What You Should Do.

1. Caution Must Be Exercised

Even though you’ve heard it before, it’s more important than ever to heed the following words of wisdom: After using public transit or handling items others have taken, be sure to wash your hands and get eight hours of sleep each night. By implementing these methods, maintain your health in the weeks leading up to your wedding. 

2. Create a First-Aid Kit

Even if you don’t have allergic reaction items in your daypack (such as breath mints and bobby pins), you should have over-the-counter drugs on hand in case of an emergency (such as an allergic reaction or an infection). 

3. Make Alterations to the Daily Routine.

Aside from being sick enough to require an emergency room visit, there are no restrictions on how the day’s activities can be altered. If an additional 30 minutes of slumber looks to be precisely what you need to return to the land of the living, then do so! You and your fiancé can exchange vows immediately if you ask the officiant to shorten the ceremony. Alternatively, have your photographer begin with the groom’s side of the wedding, enabling you to relax for a while.

4. Seek the Help of Your Peers

Even if anything unexpected happens on your big day, you’ll be supported by family, friends, and close relatives (or does not occur). They want to help you and will do everything they can to make you feel better about yourself. That means you should let people help you, whether it’s getting you hot tea and an electric heating pad or restraining you from vomiting.

Symptoms and Treatments for Wedding Day Illnesses You Could Face

1. Pimple

An ugly zit could arise on your wedding day due to the amount of stress and travel you’ve been subjected to in the event. A drying spot treatment should be used first, followed by ice to minimize the amount of the outbreak. Applying a hydrocortisone lotion containing 1% hydrocortisone after the area treatment has been removed will help alleviate discomfort. Green concealer is a lifesaver when it comes to hiding redness.

2. Foot and Ankle Instability

When spraining an ankle, it doesn’t matter if you’re running on your wedding day or breaking in your new heels for the reception. Unfortunately, there isn’t a simple fix. Rest, the elevation of the foot, ice, and anti-inflammatory medicine such as ibuprofen are all recommended by emergency physicians. Purchase an elastic bandage from your local pharmacy for additional support, and take it off before getting your shots. Flats or even barefoot might be just as fashionable as the heels you were trying to break in.

3. The Color of a Person’s Eyes

Initially, smudged makeup was a significant problem, but now you’re dealing with a case of pink eye. Your doctor may prescribe an antibiotic if you’re in a pinch. All of your photographs can be altered by a photographer. 

4. Coughing and a Silent Voice

People are aware that getting married has probably made you a friendlier person. Before making your wedding vows, you should rest your voice if your voice is already deteriorating or if you are coughing a lot. Gargle with 8 ounces of salt water and one tablespoon of salt dissolved. Drinking ginger tea with honey may also help ease the pain in your throat.

5. Flu or a Symptom of a Cold

Premarital self-care is the best defense against the flu, so ensure you’re well before the big day. In the case of influenza, antibiotics are ineffective, and medications can only shorten the illness’s duration by a few hours, making them useless on the day of your wedding. You should take acetaminophen (Tylenol) and ibuprofen (Advil) at the same time to lower the temperature (Motrin).

6. Bacterial Gastritis

You don’t have to suffer in the bathroom because of a stomachache. Just send the prescription to your pharmacy through fax from your doctor. For nausea, massage fennel and peppermint oils on the head and neck with a circular motion to alleviate discomfort. Loperamide, available over the counter, can be administered for severe gastrointestinal issues. To keep the butterflies at bay, sip ginger or peppermint tea throughout the day.

7. Cramps Throughout the Menstrual Cycle

Cramps can be eased by consuming magnesium-rich foods such as dark chocolate, pumpkin, and chia seeds. Because when does chocolate not make you feel better. Bowel bloating can be exacerbated by diets high in sodium and fiber and carbonated beverages. Cramps can be alleviated with the application of heat and stroking the abdomen.

8. Hangover

Rehydrate by taking ibuprofen or Tylenol for headache relief and drinking plenty of water or juice. Melons, which are high in water content, can also be beneficial. Celery juice can be drunk straight from the juicer, even if you haven’t eaten anything yet. Acid equilibrium will be restored in your stomach after taking it.

9. Insect Bite

Apply hydrocortisone cream, grab some ice, and tell your makeup artist to go heavy on the concealer and finishing powder. Ibuprofen might alleviate inflammation if you are prone to large and painful bites. It is still possible to reduce allergy symptoms with antihistamines such as Diphenhydramine (Benadryl).

10. Urticaria or Food Allergy

Loratadine, Fexofenadine, and Cetirizine are non-drowsy antihistamines that you can utilize. It will take 30 minutes to four hours to start working, but they’re suitable for 24 hours after they start working. Avoid scratching, sweating, ingesting very acidic meals or alcohol (especially red wine), and wearing tight clothing (especially in the summer) (wedding dress permitting). Always put your health first and listen to your body, even if that means going to the emergency hospital if you have a life-threatening allergy or sickness.


What Should I Do If I Feel Sick on My Wedding Day?

If you feel sick on your wedding day, prioritize self-care and try to rest as much as possible. Have a first-aid kit ready with essential over-the-counter medications and consider adjusting your schedule to allow for extra rest or a shorter ceremony if needed.

Can I Still Have a Successful Wedding If I’m Unwell?

Absolutely! With some adjustments and support from your friends and family, you can still have a successful and memorable wedding. Communicate with your wedding planner or venue about potential changes to the schedule or ceremony.

What Precautions Should I Take Before the Wedding to Avoid Getting Sick?

To prevent illness, maintain a healthy routine in the weeks leading up to your wedding. This includes getting adequate sleep, practicing good hygiene, especially after using public transit, and managing stress effectively.

How Can I Conceal Physical Symptoms Like Pimples or Red Eyes on My Wedding Day?

For pimples, use a spot treatment followed by ice and a green concealer to cover redness. In case of red eyes, consult with a doctor and rely on your makeup artist for skillful concealing. Remember, your photographer can also help by adjusting photos post-production.

What Should I Include in My Wedding Day First-Aid Kit?

Your wedding day first-aid kit should include items for common ailments like headaches, allergies, and stomach upsets. Include pain relievers, antacids, anti-inflammatory medication, band-aids, and any personal medications you might need.


In conclusion, while dealing with illness on your wedding day is challenging, it’s not insurmountable with proper preparation and a supportive team.

Remember, maintaining your health, having a backup plan, and being ready to adjust are crucial. Equally important is choosing a wedding venue that understands and can accommodate last-minute changes with grace and efficiency.

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