Mom As Maid of Honor: A Guide to Planning Your Big Day With Mom

Couples embark on the monumental work of wedding preparation soon after their delight and excitement of being engaged is over. Even though many couples may readily agree on their dream wedding day, preparing the specifics can be challenging. 

mom as maid of honor

Consider hiring a wedding coordinator to transition from being involved to planning your wedding day stress-free.

You need to find a coordinator who you feel at ease with. You’ll need to set up a meeting to acquire a feel for their personality and style. The average wedding coordinator fee is ten to fifteen percent of the budget.

For your wedding organizer to bring your dreams to life, you must be open and honest with them about your vision. Your coordinator can iron out the details and make your vision a reality, provided you give them vital information about your goal.

The best coordinators have a deep understanding of their field. Your mentors and advocates are available to help you succeed. They should be able to design a wide range of events, from modest weddings to large-scale galas. Inquire about the number of occasions the company organizes each month.

A coordinator’s schedule usually takes on only two or three monthly weddings at any given time. Ensure your coordinator can provide you with the personal attention you need.

Wedding Coordination Benefits of a Wedding Coordinator

Numerous advantages are available to customers who hire an event organizer to assist them in planning their wedding. One of the most challenging things in preparing a wedding ceremony is ensuring everything goes according to plan to make it a truly memorable occasion. As far as wedding-related events go, you can’t expect anything less.

The wedding organizer must be able to multitask as a planner, money manager, mediator, and artist. The wedding coordinator is essential to the success of the ceremony. As a wedding coordinator, you must deal with much tension and keep cool under pressure.

In addition, the wedding planner must keep an eye on the finer points and the big picture of the event. A coordinator’s job is made more difficult by the sheer number of things that might go wrong during a wedding ceremony.

Wedding coordinators, in general, provide the following advantages:

  1. Helps the client plan a themed wedding
  2. To do this, you must have good money management skills, develop a budget, and track all the money you spend on the event. 
  3. With this feature’s help, you can control your client’s budget and avoid exceeding their set limit.
  4. Provides location, color scheme, music, and vendor recommendations based on the customer’s spending power.
  5. A wedding setup timetable is prepared to ease the burden on the consumer.
  6. He saves significant money each month through his ties with other service-related businesses, such as a catering service.
  7. In an emergency during the wedding ceremony, this person will help.
  8. Make a timeline for the wedding reception.
  9. Attends to the needs of guests at the wedding.
  10. The wedding planners will provide their services by the package selected by the client or the amount invested in their services by the client. 

You’ll be able to relax in your wedding ceremony if you hire a wedding organizer to handle the details. And your mom as maid of honor can enjoy it as well. It’s essential to hire an experienced wedding organizer to ensure that your big day goes off without a hitch.

Additionally, ensure that the coordinator possesses valuable non-organizational abilities so that she or he can deal calmly with any circumstances during the event. Further, look for event coordinators who have established relationships with potential customers and business partners.

Of course, hiring a wedding coordinator does not absolve the customer of the responsibility of making or taking decisions for their wedding.

The customer and coordinator will be involved when it comes to the venue, design, invitation, wedding time, entertainment, and food. After finalizing the specifics, the bride and groom will be free from the stress of wedding coordination.

When Choosing a Wedding Coordinator, What Should You Look for?

When we get engaged, many don’t realize how much time and money it will take to assemble the perfect wedding celebration. Having chosen a date, announced the event, and now. What’s the price tag on this? How long will it take to finish? There is so much to learn!

There is nothing wrong with feeling overwhelmed when arranging a wedding in Vancouver, and engaging the services of a professional wedding coordinator can alleviate some of the burdens. When hiring a coordinator, these are some qualities to look for:

1. Personality

You should tell right away if you’re a good fit. A wedding coordinator needs to learn about you, your love story, and your vision for the big day. To feel that your coordinator is an extension of you, you should be able to communicate openly with them.

2. Able To Pay Attention to What Others Are Saying

A wedding coordinator needs to be aware of your vocal and non-verbal communication. They should be able to help and assist you in defining your goals and developing a strategy to achieve them.

3. Soothing

A wedding organizer should radiate warmth and trust and be someone you can rely on. They will treat each family member, guest, and vendor respectfully and kindly. A wedding organizer should blend in with your guests and clearly understand what you want to serve as your hands, eyes, and ears at your wedding.

Determine how much help you need and ensure your Vancouver wedding planner understands this. Your level of satisfaction is directly related to how good and how far they are willing to go above and beyond your expectations.

When you’ve found the wedding planner most closely resembling your unique characteristics, it’s time to get them on board. You won’t regret hiring a wedding planner to help you plan a stress-free, unforgettable event on your big day.


Can My Mom Really Be My Maid of Honor?

Absolutely! Your mom can serve as your Maid of Honor. It’s a wonderful way to honor her role in your life, and she can provide unique support and guidance throughout the wedding planning process.

What Are the Responsibilities of a Mom as Maid of Honor?

As a Maid of Honor, your mom would typically help with bridal shower planning, dress selection, and provide emotional support. Her role can be tailored to fit your needs and her abilities, ensuring a meaningful experience for both of you.

How Can I Balance Traditional Maid of Honor Duties Between My Mom and a Friend?

You can split the duties based on preference and capability. For instance, your mom can handle more personal aspects like dress shopping, while a friend could manage the bachelorette party and other logistics.

Will Having My Mom as Maid of Honor Affect the Bridal Party Dynamics?

It might change dynamics but in a positive way. Your mom’s presence as Maid of Honor can bring a sense of warmth and family to the bridal party, and her experience can be a valuable asset.

How Can We Make the Most Out of Wedding Planning with My Mom as Maid of Honor?

Communication and planning are key. Discuss expectations and duties early on, and set aside time for bonding and enjoying the process together. This can make wedding planning a memorable and enjoyable journey for both of you.


In conclusion, consider a professional wedding coordinator for a stress-free and memorable wedding, especially with your mom as the Maid of Honor. They handle every detail, allowing you and your family to fully enjoy the day.

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