How to Give a Great Best Man Speech at a Wedding

How to Give a Great Best Man Speech at a Wedding

The best man’s speech, and the best man toast that follows it, are two of the most significant parts of any wedding. As the best man, you have a lot of responsibility on the big day.

You have to watch out for the rings, ensure the groom is okay, help plan and run the wedding, and ensure everything goes well so the bride and groom can have a great day. And don’t forget to choose the best Las Vegas wedding chapel!

After that, you’ll need to stand up and give your speech.

Even if a speech has been written and rehearsed to perfection, most men struggle with public speaking and shake in their shoes. However, if you’ve been asked to deliver the best man speech at a future wedding, you may use the tips in this article to make it memorable for everyone.

Start with a Strong Opening Line.

Beginning with a great opening line is important when making a best man speech at a wedding since it instantly attracts the audience’s attention and sets the tone for the remainder of your speech. A good opening line may help you connect with your audience and engage them in what you have to say.

A wedding is a special occasion often filled with emotion, so you want to ensure that your speech is engaging and memorable. A strong opening line can help you establish credibility and confidence as a speaker, which can, in turn, help you deliver a more impactful and meaningful speech.

Introduce Yourself and Your Relationship to the Groom.

It allows you to establish your credibility and gives context to your relationship with the groom, which can help your audience better understand the significance of your speech.

Introducing yourself can help your audience get to know you and establish a connection with them. It can help you select a rapport with the audience and create a comfortable atmosphere for your speech.

Explaining your connection to the groom might also help your audience see things from your perspective and appreciate the value of your involvement in the wedding. If you’ve been selected as the best man, your speech should highlight your special bond with the groom. Your audience will have a deeper understanding of the emotional weight of your speech if you provide some background on your connection.

Thank the Bride and Groom for Inviting You.

By expressing your gratitude, you show the bride and groom that you are honored to be a part of their special day, which can help to strengthen your relationship with them. It also demonstrates your respect for the couple and your recognition of the importance of their wedding day.

Showing appreciation to the happy couple is an excellent way to lighten the mood and make them feel more welcome. By thanking everyone in attendance and recognizing the importance of the occasion, you may establish a positive tone for the rest of your speech and create a more relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere for everyone in attendance.

Keep Your Speech Simple and to the Point.

Wedding receptions can be long, and guests may become restless if speeches are too long. Keeping your speech brief helps prevent your audience from losing interest or becoming distracted.

Keep your speech brief and memorable. You may assist the bride, groom, and guests in remembering your message by focusing on the essential parts and presenting them simply.

Most people are more interested and entertained by a shorter speech. The best way to keep an audience interested and attentive is to give a well-paced, humorous, and engaging speech.

Use Humor to Engage the Audience, But Avoid Inappropriate Jokes.

Using humor is a great way to warm up your audience and make them more open to what you say. If you want your audience to pay attention to and remember what you say, this might help. Always remember to keep your sense of humor light and suitable. Don’t make jokes that could offend the bride, groom, or other guests.

Best man speeches are a great opportunity to lighten the mood, but it’s important to remain cautious when using jokes to avoid offending someone or ruining the wedding’s vibe. Instead, focus on telling amusing anecdotes or stories that highlight the positive qualities of the bride and groom and celebrate their relationship.

Offer Some Advice for a Happy and Successful Marriage.

If you’re the best man, you’re in a great position to provide advice to the bride and groom that will help them strengthen their marriage and show how much you appreciate their dedication to each other.

Your advice should be thoughtful, meaningful, and practical. Use your own experiences or the experiences of other couples you know, or give advice that any team can use.

Practice Your Speech Beforehand to Ensure that You’re Comfortable with the Material.

Practicing your speech beforehand is the best way to avoid stumbling over your words. It allows you to refine your message and deliver it clearly and concisely. It is a great chance to review your speech and make any necessary adjustments before you provide it.

Preparing your speech in advance will help you feel more at ease and ready for the big day. Feeling nervous about giving the best man speech is natural, but preparing your remarks in advance will help you relax and convey your point.

To ensure your timing is just right, practice your speech beforehand. It is crucial since delivering a speech that is either too short or too lengthy might lessen the impact of your words.

End Your Speech with a Memorable Line or Quote.

A memorable line or quote can tie together the themes of your speech and reinforce your message. It can also be a great way to leave the audience with something to think about or inspire them to take action. By ending your speech with a memorable line or quote, you can create a sense of closure and leave everyone feeling uplifted and inspired.

When choosing a memorable line or quote to end your speech, consider selecting something that resonates with the bride and groom’s relationship or captures the spirit of the occasion. It could be a quote about love, marriage, friendship, or something humorous that ties into the themes of your speech.

Remember to Enjoy the Moment and Have Fun!

While making your best man speech at a wedding, enjoy the occasion and have fun. It is a unique and joyful occasion, and taking the time to appreciate it and savor the experience is necessary.

By enjoying the moment and having fun, you can help to create a positive and relaxed atmosphere that will make your speech more memorable and engaging. You can also put the audience at ease and help them to feel more comfortable and engaged with your message.

Remember that this is a celebration of love and commitment, and it is essential to approach your speech with a sense of joy and positivity. By focusing on the love and happiness in the room, you can help to create a memorable and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.


Mastering the best man speech is a tribute to your bond with the groom and adds sparkle to the wedding. Emphasize starting strong, keeping it brief, using humor wisely, and ending on a memorable note. The essence of your speech lies in its heartfelt sincerity, celebrating love and looking forward with hope.

As you step up, remember this is your moment to shine and share joy. By embracing these tips and speaking from the heart, you’ll not only nail your speech but also contribute to a memorable day.

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How do I start my best man speech?

Start your best man speech with a brief introduction of yourself and how you know the bride and groom. A light-hearted joke or a touching anecdote about your relationship with the groom can help to break the ice and engage your audience from the beginning.

What should I include in the middle of the speech?

In the body of your speech, share memorable stories and qualities of the groom, highlighting your bond and experiences together. It’s also nice to include complimentary remarks about the couple’s relationship, offering insights into why they are a great match. Keep the stories appropriate and relatable to all guests.

How can I ensure my speech is well-received?

To ensure your speech is well-received, practice it several times beforehand to maintain a comfortable pace and confidence. Keep it sincere and from the heart, avoiding inside jokes or topics that may not be suitable for all audiences. Humor is welcome but should be used tastefully.

How long should my best man speech be?

Aim for your speech to be around 5 to 7 minutes long. This duration is enough to share a few anecdotes and express your well-wishes without losing the audience’s attention. A concise, well-structured speech is often more impactful and appreciated.