How to Back Out of Being a Bridesmaid

Becoming a bridesmaid may not be something you’re able to do comfortably. It’s fine to tell the bride that you’d like to be a wedding guest rather than a bridesmaid if you don’t have the resources to devote yourself to such a significant role.

how to back out of being a bridesmaid

Here are the basic steps on how to back out of being a bridesmaid:

1. Decide Right Away!

Decide immediately if you want to be a bridesmaid or just a guest at the wedding instead. The longer you decide, the more money you’ll spend on things you don’t want or need since the bride will believe you’re thrilled to be a part of her wedding party.

It’s best to have a rigid strategy once you’ve decided. How are you going to tell the world about this? Conduct you plan to do it at home or elsewhere? It’s also crucial to know what you’ll say.

If you can, do it face-to-face and one-on-one if possible. If you’re unsure what to say, tell the bride why you’ve decided not to be a bridesmaid any longer.

2. Tell the Bride-To-Be Your Reason

It’s fine to tell the bride up front why you’re not interested in serving as her maid of honor. When it comes to her pre-wedding activities and requirements, you may not be able to devote enough time to them, or perhaps you reside out of state and can’t afford to go back and forth. It’s possible that you don’t want to put her through the stress you’re feeling at work. Or perhaps you’ve previously been a bridesmaid in three weddings and don’t feel up to participating in yet another one.

3. Make a To-Do List for the Bride

The bride may be furious with you, so have an explanation ready for when she does. Even though you’ll no longer be a bridesmaid, there are still a few tasks that you can help with. It will demonstrate that you’re trying to remain involved in the wedding experience even if you’re not a bridesmaid.

4. If You Don’t Want It, You Can Return It.

Attempt to get your money back if you’ve already purchased the bridesmaid dress. You can return it to the store or sell it to another bridesmaid who hasn’t yet ordered her dress. Both possibilities are viable. You can also look for shops online that resale bridesmaid gowns to receive some of the money you paid back.

5. Don’t Be Afraid To Help Out When You Can

Make regular phone calls to the bride to see how she is doing and if there is anything you can do for her. Just because you’re no longer a bridesmaid doesn’t mean you should lose touch with her. Keep in mind that you remain her friend.

6. Keep the Hilarity For the Aftermath of the Nuptials.

If you’re not interested in being a bridesmaid because of a breach in your friendship, you might want to put off the drama until after the wedding. Now is not the time to re-establish the friendship; instead, focus on making the wedding planning process as stress-free as possible for the bride.

Six Reasons to Abandon Your Duty as a Bridesmaid

Choosing to be a bridesmaid means accepting a lot of responsibilities. You may even think about not being a bridesmaid if the role becomes too much for you.

1. You’re Pregnant, and the Due Date is Near!

A family may not have been on your radar when you accepted the job of bridesmaid. What with your pregnancy (and congrats, by the way! ), it turns out that your due date falls just around the time of your upcoming nuptials. You might be able to attend the wedding if it’s close to where you live, but if you have to travel, you’ll have to comply with your doctor’s directions. If you’re not going to be a bridesmaid because you’re worried about your health or the health of your unborn child, the bride will understand.

2. The Cost of the Wedding has Exceeded Your Expectations.

According to the experts, a bridesmaid costs $1,200 to participate in the festivities of a wedding ceremony. Often, the girls who will be bridesmaids aren’t aware of these expenses when they first take the role.

3. A Job Crisis or Change has Disrupted Your Timetable.

As a bridesmaid, you may be in a situation where you cannot fulfill your duties. If you have started a new work that demands a lot of travel, you may not be able to attend many of the pre-wedding celebrations. Or maybe your present job has become more demanding, requiring you to work later in the evenings and on weekends. Talk to the bride if you think you can’t fulfill your duties as a bridesmaid because of your job schedule. 

4. When You Have an Emergency

Taking care of a sick is a tremendous job, and adding becoming a bridesmaid would be too much for most people to manage. It’s appropriate to withdraw from being a bridesmaid if a family emergency arises. 

5. On the Day Before the Wedding, You Had a Significant Disagreement.

To be a bridesmaid, you must be able to attend the wedding, and if for any reason that is not possible, you will be forced to leave the bridal party. Unless the bride is incredibly forgiving, you’ll need a considerable conflict before this can be regarded as acceptable. Be aware as disputes arise.

6. The Bride’s Requests are Excessive.

Bridesmaids can be required to meet specific conditions, such as wearing a particular dress or having their hair and makeup done professionally.


While backing out of being a bridesmaid is a challenging decision, it can be managed with tact and respect. Should you find yourself in this situation, it’s crucial to communicate effectively with the bride and offer your support in other ways.

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How do I tell the bride I can’t be a bridesmaid anymore?

Speak to the bride as soon as possible and be honest about your reasons. It’s important to be respectful and understanding of her feelings, but also clear about your own circumstances.

What are valid reasons for backing out of being a bridesmaid?

Valid reasons include financial constraints, health issues, personal emergencies, or significant life changes. It’s crucial to assess your situation honestly and communicate your reasons sincerely to the bride.

How can I minimize the impact of my decision on the wedding plans?

Offer to help find a replacement or assist with other wedding preparations. Be proactive in resolving any financial or logistical issues caused by your departure, such as dress costs or accommodations.

Is it okay to back out if I disagree with the bride’s choices or behavior?

While it’s important to support the bride, your well-being should not be compromised. If you feel uncomfortable or mistreated, it’s acceptable to step back, but approach the situation with sensitivity and tact.

Can I still attend the wedding as a guest after backing out as a bridesmaid?

This depends on the circumstances and the bride’s feelings. If the departure is amicable, attending as a guest may be acceptable. However, prioritize the bride’s wishes and the overall harmony of the event.